production to

client's documentation

We make details, products, constructions and machines according to the client’s documentation (3D model, drawings or samples) and assignment. The end result is a physical product that best meets the requirements of the job.

technological operations

For the production of details, machines and units LOGOTECH has the following technological capabilities:


For this purpose, the company has universal lathes, universal milling machines, boring machines, flat grinding and circular grinding machines, CNC machines, band saw machine, bending machine, coordinate drilling machine, cantilever drilling machines and hand drilling machines.

» Welding

The company uses a wide range of welding methods for different materials, and for this purpose there are also excellent welders with certificates. We successfully apply manual arc welding, welding with coated electrodes, MIG / MAG, TIG, Electroresistance welding and Gas welding.

» Heat treatment of the parts

We can apply hardening, annealing, ion nitriding and others. For bigger details, we use the services of some of our partners

» Coating of products

Based on the requirments of the product we can make different type of coatings like rubber coating, plating, hot dip galvanizing, nitriding and others

» Painting

Painting of the products at the customer’s request – we use a quick drying primer and alkyd paint specified by the customer with RAL. For specific coatings (such as powder painting), we turn to our partners.


The materials we can work with and process are diverse. From ordinary steel, cast iron, alloy steels, structural steels, non-ferrous metals, stainless metals, special metals for the food or medical industry through ultra-hard metals, plastics, rubber, polyurethanes, wood and others.



Successfully realized projects for parts, machines or assemblies manufactured according to the client’s documentation.


Client: „Sicta“ Kft – Hungary

“TILT TURBO” – the largest die casting machine produced by LOGOTECH Ltd. Works with up to two casting tools and can rotate from 0 ° to 270 °. The purpose of the machine is casting of complex aluminum products.

Пинч ролка


Client: „Sofia Med“ AD

“Pinch Roll” – a machine that works in a production line for rod material. It feeds and straightens the material.


Client: „Techno Rubber“ Ltd.

“Guillotine” – a machine for cutting rubber and rubber waste.

производство на Циркуляр София


Client: „Sofia Med“ AD

“Circular Saw” – a machine that slides on guides to cut large metal blocks. The diameter of the cutting disc is Ф1000 mm.

Ленторазмотаваща машина София

Unwinding machine

Client: „Sofia Med“ AD

“Unwinding machine” – a machine on which rolls of different diameters are placed. The purpose of the machine is to unwind the material rolled on the rolls.

леярска машина за отливане на изделия от алуминий


Client: „Sicta“ Kft – Hungary

“TURBO” – die casting machine for castings of aluminum products. The support can be rotated up to 90 ° for servicing the mold that is mounted on the two plates of the machine.

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